Dry Needling / Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

Dry needling and IMS are techniques used by certified therapists to assist with decreasing muscular and/or neuropathic pain. The goal of treatment is to create a neurophysiological change in muscles that may be compressing neighbouring tissues and structures such as nerves, tendons and joints.

IMS involves the use of very thin myofilament needles that are inserted into a muscle to create this neurophysiological change or “reset”. When the muscle is stimulated, the client will experience a twitch response. This twitch response is often described as a quick pulse, or spasm in the muscle.

Commonly asked questions:

Is IMS painful?

  • Although IMS is reported as mildly “uncomfortable”, many clients do not report is as painful.

  • After treatment, the client commonly experiences soreness, which is best compared to post-exercise soreness that usually dissipates throughout the day or over 24-48 hours.

Is there an additional charge for IMS?

  • No. At our clinic, the cost of needles is included in your usual physiotherapy fees.

How many treatments do I need for relief?

  • Because each client has unique needs, an exact amount tends to vary. Most clients experience significant relief within 6-12 treatments, but many do note relief after 2-3 as well