At Trifecta Rehab, we’re more than just a clinic that provides excellent therapy, we’re a community. We believe that recovery is more than just physical, but mental as well. So we’ve created an environment to address these often forgotten components. From the aesthetic of our space, to how we interact with you, we’ve redefined how your care is delivered through our three pillars of practice.


We will guide you to understand the mechanisms and sources of your concern to expedite your recovery.


We want you to achieve your goals, improve your performance, and help create a more efficient, functional, and stronger you.


We firmly believe in helping you acquire the tools to manage your own care and feel in control of your own body.


We know that this may be your first time, so what should you expect?

A Comprehensive Assessment

During your first visit, your therapist will perform a 360-degree assessment to see how you’re moving to determine what is causing your discomfort. With that information, we collaborate on a plan to help you reach your health goals.

Manual Therapy

The same way you can’t move a car while the brakes are on, you won’t be able to move freely while certain body areas are tense. We recognize that the body may feel restricted and tense throughout recovery. That is why we utilize various manual therapy techniques such as myofascial releases, joint mobilizations and manipulations to help get you ready to move.

Movement Therapy

Once those restrictions have been reduced or eliminated, we’ll go through various types of movements that may include strength and conditioning, stretching, and postural drills. These all aim to help create a body that feels and moves more freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

You are not required to bring a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment or massage therapy. However, coverage may be dependent on one for some extended health insurance plans.

How do I prepare for my first appointment?

  1. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to register all pertinent information & to make the most out of your session.
  2. Please bring the following:
  • Doctor’s referral (if you have one), your Personal Health Care Card Number, and list of current medications
  • Private clients with extended health benefits: Bring your policy and member ID number
  • ICBC clients: Bring your Bodily Injury Claim number and adjuster’s name
  • WorkSafe BC clients: Bring your WSBC claim number
  1. Wear comfortable clothing (shorts for lower body injuries)

What is the cancellation policy?

Yes, our regular cancellation policy is still in effect for both telehealth and in-clinic sessions. As you can imagine, a lot of preparation goes into getting ready for your appointment, so 24 hours notice is required to move or cancel an appointment. If you are booked for an in-person session but it is determined that you do not meet the pre-screening criteria, your session will be changed to a virtual appointment at the same scheduled time.

Please give 24 hours notice for cancellation of appointments, otherwise a service charge will be applied. Service charges are the full rate of therapy appointments.

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